Lawn Care & Movers

  • Lawn Fertilization 
  • Weed Control

9am - 9pm all days 

MAX   435-232-1579
ANDY 435-363-6427

  • 3 Guys and a truck or trailer $95 hour $350 minimum per job. Call us for more direct quote.  ​

Extermination  Services

Contact us

Cell:  435-232-1579    or     435-363-6427



  •  Residential Pest Control
  •  Commercial Pest Control
  •  Rodent Control
  •  Bed Bug Control
  •  Cockroach Control
  • ​ Vole Control
  • Raccoon and Skunk Removal

Hi, my name is Max Fletcher. I am one of the owners of Ecopro. We have been servicing cache valley for several years. We are known for our professionalism, customer service, and being thorough. We want the opportunity to earn your business. Call me!! If you are in need of help or if you are just looking for advice, it doesn’t matter. Call me!!

Cache Valley Utah